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Jack Attended EGYSTITCH Exhibition

       From October 15 to October 17, 2010, the opening of EGYSTITCH 2010 was held in Alexandria, one of the important textile and garment bases in Egypt, attracting most of renowned brands from Germany, Japan, Italy, Taiwan and China to attend.Jack’s Modernco- the largest and earliest sewing equipment dealers in Egypt made Jack the new star in the exhibition.        

      Relying on various new products developed this year such as JK-T2210, JK-T1790S, JK-5878-58B, JK-795DI, JK-510A and many more, Jack drew the attention of high-demand customers. These machines not only indicate Jack's position as the most valuable brand in China, but also manifest Jack’s strength in product development and quality control.

       Customer feedbacks show that JK-510A wins customer recognition by its high energy efficiency. Garment manufacturers believe that an electrical efficiency over 71% will save huge costs. And the compact, low-noise and multifunctional machine will increase comfort level for operators. Hence, more operators will stay, tackling the problem of labor shortage.     

      This exhibition has made Jack’s brand more known locally. Additionally, Modernco and Jack have full confidence in Egypt markets.

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